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About Us
Guiding Principles

At Fintra we believe our strong track record of performance, our proven business model and our entrepreneurial and independent roots set us apart. The common thread in all of our work is our unwavering commitment to advancing the goals and needs of our clients by providing superior execution capabilities and trusted and unbiased re/insurance advice. Guided by our core values, Fintra has built a legacy of accomplishment and remains well positioned to continue building on our success. 

Our Clients

We are differentiated as a firm by the depth of our relationships with our clients. Their interests must always come first. Their success begets our own. 

Our People

Our people are our most valuable asset. We seek to recruit and retain the very best and to provide them a work environment in which the sole determinant of their advancement is excellence.

Our Business Model

We continually strive to find the right balance between maximizing profit and safeguarding our sustainability.

Our Brand & Culture

Each of us is a custodian of the firm’s brand and reputation and must govern our professional conduct accordingly. 

Our culture is unique and is founded upon the principles of entrepreneurship, accountability and partnership. Complacency and entitlement have no place in our firm. 

Our Way of Thinking

We believe that informed action is always preferable to inaction and that wealth creation is often rooted in creative disruption.


We believe in the motto, “Who Dares, Wins.”

Our Approach

We take great pride in our ability to execute. Our approach is based upon a simple formula:

1)   Identify the opportunity

2)   Do the analysis

3)   Create most workable solution

4)   Get it done

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